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What we do
Inala Youth Service is a community based organisation providing support to young people aged 10-25 years, and their families, through a number of programs and services. All our programs are confidential and free of charge. We can meet with you in one of our offices, at your school, at your home or somewhere else in the community where you feel safe.
How it all started
Early in 1986, the Youth Advocacy Centre Inc. (YAC) was receiving numerous referrals for accommodation from the Inala-Durack-Richlands area, which had virtually no resources for the 10-17 year age group and after research and liaison with many different groups and individuals, Inala Youth Community Care (IYCC) was formed.
What we believe
  • We believe that young people and families are important people in our community and they deserve to be treated well.
  • We believe in social justice. This means we believe that some people are disadvantaged and sometimes need assistance.
  • We respect the dignity, rights, responsibilities and opinions of others and we expect others to treat us the same way.
  • We encourage participation in decision making as we believe that everyone should have a ‘fair go’.
  • We believe in keeping information confidential.
What's new
In Events
Make it Loud
18th December 2015, 10AM - 4PM
Make it Loud!

Youth and family event

Free food, free drinks, competitions, street art, hip hop performances & games and activities. Find out more here.
Get in on some amazing jobs!

Ready for Work Program

Are you 15-24 years and can’t get a job? Find out more here.

Youth Skills Program

A training and employment program for young people aged 15-10 years who are before the courts. Find out more here here.
Youth Homelessness Matters Day
15th of April
Get involved to support this great cause!

1. Like

Give a thumbs up by ‘liking’ the YHMD Facebook page and posts, and by following the #YHMD2015 hashtag on twitter.

2. Share

Share the YHMD Facebook posts and tweets or create your own posts to spread the word about the Youth Homelessness Matters Day campaign! Use the #YHMD2015 hashtag on facebook and twitter to share information about youth homelessness or a local service that you know makes a difference for young people.

3. Act

Host an event and show your friends your super social change making powers or tell someone you know about the campaign and encourage others to get involved with the#YHMD2015 campaign on social media.
In Projects
Project Love and Care
We are proud to be the Auspice for Project Love and Care so they can continue with their great work and thought we would share the project with you all!
Project Love and Care was set up to provide Care Kits, Toiletry Kits and Activity Kits to children and young people from birth to 17 years when transitioning into foster care or who have been removed from home by Department of Child Safety and/or Police.
If you wish to make a financial donation towards Project Love and Care please email alternatively you can deliver your donations to our office at 12 Sittella Street, Inala.