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Youth Support Coordinator Initiative
YSCs support young people attending high school who are at risk of dropping out of school find options and solutions to assist them to stay engaged in school.

The YSCs at Inala Youth Service focus on young people who are still at school. We are based at a range of different schools across this area. The schools and the YSC at this school are listed below.

School YSC Contact
Glenala State High School Inge Alberts 3877 4222
Forest Lake State High School Cath Webber 3714 2333
Yeronga State High School Tracey Gude 3249 1400
Milpera State High School Jenessa Brown 3270 3222
How to contact us
You can contact us through the student support team at each school on the numbers above.
At another school?
There are YSCs from other organizations at a lot of other high schools, so if you school is not listed here then you can give us a call and we can let you know if there is a YSC from another service at your school.

The YSC Initiative is funded to target secondary school young people – which means we only work with young people of high-school age.

Other places that can help