Bail support and Early intervention programs

IYS Bail support and Early intervention programs support 12-17 year old young people who live in the Greater Inala and Ipswich areas. The program is a community-based initiative led by IYS in partnership with Inala Wangarra, and The Youth Advocacy Centre. The service provides a mix of intensive youth and family support, diversionary/activity-based youth support, and practical youth and family support.


  • Providing court support for young people and their families including information, support and referrals and providing information to the courts outlining bail support and services
  • Assist young people to find and maintain suitable accommodation
  • Onward referrals to alcohol and drug, mental health and other relevant services
  • Assist young people to re-engage with education, training and/ or employment opportunities
  • Provide interventions to minimise high-risk behaviours
  • Strengthen family ties and/ or cultural connection


I was 17 when I first met the Bail Support Program. My Youth Justice Case Worker suggested it could be helpful. I was hesitant at first and I didn’t share a lot about myself, but my Bail Support Worker turned up repeatedly and took the time to get to know me. They would help me with transport to my conditional programs, reporting, and would usually shout me a meal or help with credit as I had no other income. Once a week they dropped a food hamper to the house as well.

“I can sincerely say that crime doesn’t pay, and asking for help could be the most important choice you can make”

A young person, helped by SWAP team

My court case took a bit longer than six months, and I had to go to court all the time. I didn’t have Centrelink, I didn’t have family to drive me, I didn’t have credit to confirm court dates or conference with my lawyer. It was a struggle just to keep motivated and be positive through all this, I was grateful that my Bail Support Worker could help me find a new home, which they did really quickly.

Honestly if I had found myself homeless at that point, I don’t know if I’d have made it through, or where I’d be today. My Bail Support Worker also encouraged me and helped me enrol back at school, they helped with getting my Centrelink sorted, would drop me to job network appointments and work experience placements. They even helped me to get back in contact with my mum. It was about this time that I started to open up about my struggles with Mental Health, and my drug use. I could trust my Bail Support Worker, to talk about it, as we had shared so much already.

It helped me process everything that had been going on, and eventually I visited a Doctor and got some professional help. I received 12 month Probation with Community service and no-conviction recorded. I can sincerely say that crime doesn’t pay, and asking for help could be the most important choice you can make. But it all comes down to you to get up, show up don’t give up!

Helping young people in their journey

We help address multiple socio-economic barriers faced by disadvantaged young people – disengagement from family and education, financial hardship, ongoing risk of socially unacceptable behaviors and mental health issues.


We are always accepting referrals for young people who are needing assistance. Reach out to our housing specialists via phone (07) 3372 2655 or email for a free, confidential chat about the situation. Just getting into the city for court on time was stressful.