It’s no surprise looking for work can be a challenge, our Ready 4 Work coordinator, Lisa T, shares her top tips for the job hunt.

We understand the search for a job can be tough, but don’t be discouraged as you have a lot to add to the workplace.

Keep your resume up-to-date

In many cases the person responsible for hiring won’t see you until the interview. Your resume is a brief introduction about you, your skills, and experience. Keeping your resume up-to-date with relevant skills to the jobs you want gives you the best chance at landing a job.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself a bit with your resume too. Add a little colour or list out your hobbies and interests so potential employers can see that you would be a good fit with their current team.

Focus on your talents and skills

Take some time to think about what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing. There’s a good chance that you could find work that matches your interests, skills, and talents. It could even be as simple as knowing you enjoy talking to people and looking for work where you get a lot of interaction in a team or with customers.

Search far and wide

There are countless places to look for jobs – you just need to know where. Some of the first places we recommend looking are: job search websites, newspaper listings, and business’ websites. Remember to talk to your friends about your job search too; you never know what they might have seen that might be perfect for you.

Remember not all jobs are advertised

Job search websites are a good place to look for jobs, but not all jobs are advertised. Sometimes it pays to pick up the phone and call places you would like to work. Another way to tap into those unadvertised jobs is to drop your resumes off at potential employers businesses.

Practice your interview skills

Once you’ve perfected your CV and found the jobs you would like to apply for it’s time to start practicing for the interview. Ask your friends and family members if they will run a mock interview with you. Practicing interviews will help make you less nervous on the big day and might even help you pre-prepare some answers to the more difficult questions and interviewer might ask.

Need more help?

If you’re 16 – 24 and looking for more help with your job search feel free to come along to our Ready 4 Work program where you will get help with every step of your job search. The Ready 4 Work program gives you practical skills that will help you find a job.

If you’re interested give Lisa T a call on (07) 3372 2655 or email