School-based Youth Support

Many young people look for support at school to help them overcome the challenges that come with being a teenager.

We are an accredited employing authority for the Department of Education and provide assistance to local schools to help support young people. We can provide schools with student welfare workers, youth support coordinators and chaplains.

Our workers have strong insight into the challenges young people are facing and can provide access to our service to complement and enhance the existing support systems operating in schools and throughout the wider community.

We currently have workers based at Glenala State High School, Forest Lake State High School and Milpera State High School.

““Our youth support coordinator is amazing. She not only provides advice and develops relationships, but also sets personal goals for each student to achieve.”-“

– Glenala State High School principal Anne Lawson.

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IYS community-based support

Recognising uniqueness of each student

Every school is different and each school has its own set of unique needs and challenges for support staff. IYS school support team strives to build authentic relationships with the student to be able to help them overcome the challenges they are facing in their lives.