Vietnamese Family Support Program

The Vietnamese Family Support Program (Vietfam) assists local at-risk Vietnamese families to promote and maintain their children’s healthy development and well-being. Beyond case management, the program provides general information and advice, runs a parenting group and homework club, and participates in community development activities and events to support the wider Vietnamese community.

The VietFam program is unique in its approach as:
• It works alongside the local Vietnamese community, but maintains sufficient distance to give people confidence that the service is confidential;
• Many individuals who access the service do so through self-referral, hearing about it through word of mouth;
• We work with both victims of domestic violence (including children) and perpetrators to address and reduce domestic violence behaviours in the home and the wider Vietnamese community.


Call (07) 3372 2655
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Vietnamese Family Support Program

The specialist nature of the program ensures that Vietnamese cultural considerations are accounted for. Young people respond well and build rapport with the staff and students of Vietnamese background. Vietfam program is funded by the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.

We are always accepting referrals for young people who are in need of support. Reach out to our team via phone (07) 3372 2655 or email for a free, confidential chat about the situation.